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More Product Offerings

You will find different Product Offerings on this page from Amazon.  These are products that I use in my Stamping Room and have had great success with them.  If you too would like to purchase them just click on the picture or links below.

3/8″ Velcro Dots

Do you sometimes get some adhesive where you do not want it? I know I do and this Adhesive Eraser works great for taking off the excess adhesive.

These Pencil Sharpeners are great for your Colored Pencils or Watercolor Pencils.  These are what I use and you get 2 in the pack so 1 for your Colored Pencils and 1 for your Watercolor Pencils.  You don’t want to use 1 Pencil Sharpener for both types of Pencils.  I Label mine so I know which Pencils I used in which sharpener.

Crop-a-dile perfect for hole punching for ornaments, ribbons, 3D projects.

Wobbles for cards.  Create fun movement cards with the wobbles.  Great for kids cards.

Sand off unwanted smears.

Make some beautiful jewelry with these products.

More fun products coming soon!