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Monday, May 23, 2016
President Stampin Up
I received this fun card in the mail a while back and I thought I better post it on my blog.

To you it’s just a fun card but who wrote inside and what they wrote is special for me.

This card came from the President of Stampin’ Up! Rich Jutkins. He was congratulating me on achieving my Career to Date Sales goal that I posted about a few months back. I finally achieved my goal and received this card in the mail.

I wanted to share the card with you because if it wasn’t for you all following my blog, following my Live Events, following my Facebook page, following me on Instagram, and following me on Twitter I wouldn’t have achieved my goal.

So whether you follow along or place orders with me I SO APPRECIATE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!

It has been a long process and whole lot of work; but the benefits of the friendships and encouragement throughout the years have made this an awesome job for me. I would never have met the friends I have or even the phone a friends I have if it wasn’t for Stampin’ Up!

To receive this month’s Video and PDF file for the Guy Greetings Projects place a min. $50.00 order and use this Hostess Code: BE44F96S

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Guy Greetings Projects

If you don’t want to place an order but want the PDF file and Video unlock code email me and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice for $9.95.

Happy Stamping!

Thoughts & Struggles!

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

I’ve been getting questions wondering if I achieved my Career Sales Goal last week.

Sadly, no I did not. I was only $250.00 away from reaching it so I thought it was very do-able, but that was not the case.

Really last week was an eye opening week for me; actually it was like a slap in the face of reality for me.

My husband has been telling me “you work hard on your blog; posting daily, making videos, working on classes and projects; we do live events has it been worth it?”

I guess I really never looked at the money aspect of it. I blog and share because I love crafting. I didn’t look at the time it was taking away from family and activities because “I” was enjoying it. Now that the kids are leaving and moving on I see the time go fast!

Last week was sort of a test. I not only blogged everyday like I always do, but also did a video on each post. Yes, my sharing numbers went up and pins went up and that was Fantastic. I was happy and excited!

My husband said that’s GREAT, so did you get any orders or comments at least? Um, No.

So I posted some blog candy and my sales goal to see if you actually liked the treat holders and videos. I loved all the comments and was happy to hear so many people enjoyed the treat holders and the videos. Most were making them with grandkids, for grandkids, or co-workers.

I got lots of encouragement on the sales goal portion, but no sales the first day and a few the second.

So what have I learned?

I believe most of my viewers are demonstrators which I love to share my ideas with, but would appreciate them commenting more on my blog.

So what are the Pro’s and Con’s to continue daily blogging and sharing?

– I love crafting
– I love stamping
– I love to share
– I love to inspire other’s
– I love to teach other’s about stamping and crafting
– I love Stampin’ Up! products

– Lot’s of time blogging
– Lot’s of time creating
– Lot’s of time preparing
– Time video taping
– Time to do Live Events
– Taking away time from Family
– handful of orders

Okay, so what it really boils down to is a whole lot of time and no value for my time. Yes, we all have family time taken away when we work, but we also get paid when we work; when you spend all that time and not get “paid” I guess that’s where time comes into play as a con.

Don’t get me wrong I do have a handful of truly loyal online customer’s and I SO Appreciate all your orders and your friendships and encouraging words. You do not realize how much I appreciate that!

Make sure to check your mailboxes this week as I’ve mailed out a gift for each one of you to show my appreciation! You may have already received it.

Bill said, “focus more on the Live Events and less daily blogging. Work more on the Live Event projects and featured project for the month.”

Then I get emails like this:

“You seem to be charging for everything now (PDF files) and I’m unsubscribing.”

(Really, I think I give a lot away every single day.)

“I’m a hobby demonstrator and only order for myself, but would LOVE the PDF file as I can’t order from you because I have to keep up my quarterly minimum myself.”

(I understand that you are a demonstrator and that you like me have to submit a min. amount every quarter to remain active. If you are part of my team I’ll give you the PDF file if not; again I’m sorry you are another customer to me.)

What am I saying? To be honest with you I don’t really know myself. I’m caught in a hard place. This has truly been the HARDEST blog post I’ve had to write or have ever written.

I’m not sure I can or want to give up my daily blogging. UGH!

I know I may lose quite a few followers with today’s post; but I felt I had to express my feelings.

I also want to reiterate my Thankfulness and Appreciation for my loyal customers; I SO APPRECIATE your friendships and your Stampin’ Up! business.

I know a lot of you order from a variety of demonstrators and if I weren’t a demonstrator I’d do the same thing.

If you see a project or idea on someone’s blog and use it; I feel it is only right to order those supplies from the person you got the idea from. This in a sense pays them for their time and if anything else uplifts their day!

Thanks for your time in reading my thoughts and struggles. I have much to ponder.


A New Way to Use the Stampin’ Up! Cardstock!

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Saturday, August 15, 2015
Boys & Swords
Maybe I should have titled this post Boys with Swords!
Very Vanilla Cardstock
This is my wall downstairs by my craft room.

My son Dean purchased a few swords online so he and his brother could have sword fights. (Yeah I don’t know, I guess its a boy thing.)

Anyway, this happened and they texted their friends to see what they would do. One friend said to get matching paper and fill in the hole; so to my Stamping room they went. Dean finally found a pretty good match using the Very Vanilla cardstock (I know in the picture it looks more Sahara Sand or Crumb Cake but Very Vanilla is a pretty good match). He meticulously cut a piece and placed it inside the hole. Oh Perfect; they’ll never know!

Well, I must say Dean’s conscience got the better of him and he came upstairs and said we needed to come downstairs that something bad had happened. He felt if he came clean that there wouldn’t be any repercussions; LOL!

Needless to say the spackling has been purchased along with a gallon of paint and the boys have a nice job to complete.

So I thought you might enjoy a new way of using the Stampin’ Up! Cardstock! hahahaha

Would you consider this a 3D project? hahahahaha

I also want to remind you about a great opportunity!
If you have never tried the Paper Pumpkin kits yet; now is the perfect time to give them a try. You can try them out for 1/2 price until September 10.

Here are the details:
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The Fine Print:
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I’m sending out this little gift to all my existing subscribers as well as new subscribers.
Paper Pumpkin Subscribers Gift
A Thank You Card for joining Paper Pumpkin with me and a Clear Box to store your Paper Pumpkin Stamps in.

Also, you will be receiving a PDF file from me with other things you can make with your Paper Pumpkin kit.

If you were a past subscriber and wish to sign on again; I’d love to have you join again! No you won’t get the 1/2 off deal but you will get all the other goodies I mentioned above.
Paper Pumpkin Thanks

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Thanks for stopping by,

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Washington DC

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

We are back in Michigan. We arrived to the cottage around 8PM last night and now we are spending some time with my parents and my sister and her family. There were lots of fireworks going off all over the lake last night; a beautiful show.

I told you I would show you some of the pictures from the Washington DC trip so here they are.

Bill and Dean went to the Holocaust Museum and I went and did a little site seeing.
photo 4 (3)photo 2 (3)photo 5 (3)photo 3 (3)Korean War Veterans MemorialThomas Jeffereson Memorial

It was a beautiful day; it was HOT but there was a nice breeze so that made it even nicer. We had planned on staying in Washington DC but then it started to really rain and the hotels filled up fast so we drove for a while.

So now we are back in Michigan; much cooler here.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Continuing on with our trip

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Well we left Nikki’s place on Sunday and we are now in Maryland.

What a nice surprise to see Medieval Times just down the road from our hotel. Medieval Times has always been a family favorite; so we decided to surprise Dean and take him Monday night.

We once again had the Blue Knight. Unfortunately he was not the winner of the night.
photo (4)

As always we had a great time cheering for the Blue Knight.
photo (3)

I don’t know about you but I love Dean’s Marine Cut; he sure looks older and what a cutie pie.
Dean at Medieval Times

Tuesday night was the Cheesecake Factory; no pictures cause the cheesecake didn’t last long enough for pictures. 🙂 Yum O!

Last night was Dave and Buster’s another family favorite.
dave and busters
Dean spun the wheel and got 500 tickets! That’s what I’m talking about!

Dean was a little apprehensive about going on the trip with just Mom and Dad a first for him; but I think he is having a lot of fun.

Moving on to Washington DC today so stay tuned for pictures of that event as well.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

The Marine Cut

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Monday, June 22, 2014

We are still enjoying our time visiting with Nikki and Zach. Each week the Marines have to get their hair cut, so this week when Zach went to get his haircut he took Dean along.

Here is Dean (AKA the cameraman) before the cut:
Before the cut

Here is Nikki, myself and Dean after the cut:
after the cut

This sure reminds me of when Dean was little we always got all the boys haircuts this way. He is so handsome; what a mini marine.

I think it will take some getting used to for him but much cooler.

We then headed to the barracks so Zach could show us where he lives and all his stuff he has to carry when he goes out on a mission. He put everything on Dean so he could see how heavy it is.
Dean front

DEan and Zach

dean suited up

I think this was one of Dean’s favorite days. He has always talked about being in the military since he was two years old. He was constantly grinning.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!